Ole Smokey Round 2, Centrefire

Sunday 22 May 2022

Round 2 of the Ole Smokey rimfire benchrest:

Olivia and Fitzy on 494

Ian 492

Lainey 487 – a new junior member, first-ever competition shoot.  Spectacular!

Tony 478

Josh 470

Derek 467

Calvin 451

We also shot the centrefire event, being the best group at 100m and 200m.

At 100m:  Tony 20.05 mm, Derek 41.0mm, Josh 44.17mm

At 200m: Derek 56.45mm, Tony 65.68, Josh 77.48mm

Our next shoot is Sunday 31st July for the RO Davies light barrel, and field rifle so make sure you bring a nice light rifle and your gumboots.  RO’s are Tony and Derek.