RO Davies light barrel, and Field Rifle

Sunday 31 July 2022

We had a good rollup today when we shot the RO Davies light barrel shoot and the George Joannidis field rifle shoot.
For the RO Davies light barrel event:

Olivia 492/500

Ian 488

Al 482

Lainey 473 (junior – excellent result!)

Josh 468

Pat 468

Mystery no name shooter 466

Peter and Vanessa 463

Fitzy 461

Calvin 453

The field rifle was modified for muddy conditions, and involved deliberate, rapid and snap from 50m, then deliberate and rapid from 25m in the standing unsupported position.  Scores were respectable:
Ian 351/500, Olivia 307, Calvin 274, Peter 270, Al 246, Josh238
This was a lot of fun, and a great learning experience in quickly operating a bolt and ensuring serviceability of magazines.
Our next Shoot is on Sunday Sept 11th when we shoot the RO Davies light barrel round 3 and the Ole Smokie Shield Round 3.  Col and Josh are the ROs for the shoot.