‘Ole Smokey Shield: any rimfire rifle (heavy or light barrel) from a benchrest, 50 shots over 50 metres. The Shield was donated by the family of Kevin Kemp, a founding member of the Bellingen Rifle Club.

Gleniffer Shield: any rimfire rifle (light barrel recommended) fired “off the elbows” without a front or rear rest, 50 shots over 50 metres.

Ladies’ Competition: as the name suggests, any rimfire rifle over 50 metres.

Junior Shield: any rimfire rifle, 50 shots over 50 metres. Open to junior shooters aged 12-17 holding a Junior Firearms Permit. Club-owned rifles are available for use.

R O Davies Shield: 50 shots over 50 metres, light rimfire rifles only (eg sporter barrel like a Brno Mod2, or a multipurpose rifle like Lithgow 101 Crossover or Tikka T1x) and a maximum scope power of 6X. Variable scopes can be wound down to 6X.

Field Rifle (George Joannidis Shield): 12 rounds rapid fire from the standing unsupported position at 25m, in 4 bursts of 3 shots each within 15 seconds. No more than 3 rounds of ammo in the magazine at a time. Followed by 10 rounds deliberate fire from the standing unsupported position at 25m, then 10 rounds from kneeling or sitting. The match may vary due to range condition and weather.

Centrefire benchrest. Any centrefire rifle (meeting range rules), 3 shots at 100m and 200m, smallest group wins

Handicap shoot. A handicap is added to each shooter’s score based on their previous scores (just like golf, only more serious)

Rimfire 50/100m. 25 shots at 50m followed by 25 shots at 100m, with unlimited sighters at each range (a .22 rimfire will drop about 6-7″ between the two ranges)