Ladies and Juniors Comp, 2021 Prizes

Sunday 10/4/22

Glorious autumn weather!  The Ladies’ Competition was shot concurrently with the Junior Shield.


Olivia 486,  Kerry 481,  Shelly 476,  Vanessa 450,  Deanne 383


Riley 493,  Jarrod 464,  Osha 453

The Annual General Meeting was held on 17th February. 

Prizewinners for 2021 were:

Ole Smokey benchrest rimfire :  1st Ian J,  2nd Pat L,  3rd Derek B

RO Davies light barrel rimfire:  1st Josh B, with David S and Jason T equal second

Centrefire 200 metres:  1st Tony H,   2nd Derek B

Centrefire 100 metres: 1st Derek B,  2nd Tony H, 3rd Josh B

Gleniffer Shield unsupported rimfire:  1st Derek B,  2nd Pat L,  3rd Tony H

Ladies’ Comp:  1st Deanne T,  2nd Amalie L,  3rd Kerry J

Junior Shield:  1st Riley B,   2nd Amalie L,   3rd Teon J

George Joannidis Field Rifle:  1st Josh B,   2nd Ian J,  3rd Calvin P

Our next shoot is Sunday 23rd May, with the Ole Smokey benchrest followed by the 100m/200m centrefire.