Ladies, Juniors and RO Davies

Sunday 4th February 2023

This year, before each shoot we’ll be conducting some coaching, teaching and practice before each competition.  For the first Club shoot of the year we started with some theory on the Principles of Marksmanship.  It was also great to see three new shooters trying out the sport on a P650 permit.

Junior Shield:  any rimfire rifle from a benchrest.  Lainey B 494/500, Paddy B 490,  Jarrod T 383.

Ladies’ Competition:  Olivia 497/500, Lainey 496, Kerry 484, Tracy 482, Deanne 434.

R O Davies light rimfire, using a rifle with a sporter or mid-weight barrel and a telescopic sight at 6x magnification.  Olivia 496/500, Pat  488, Fitzy 485, Al 482, Bruce 482, Paddy 481, Derek and Lainey both on 477, Ken 472, David 468, Calvin 456.

Our next Shoot is on Sunday 12th March, coaching from 12.00pm to 12.30pm then the Ole Smokie Shield and Centrefire 100m and 200m.
And don’t forget our AGM at Mylestom Hall on Feb 15th at 7.00pm

2023 Program

The program for 2023 is now up and running. There are some differences to last year:

  • We will have 3 shoots at the Macksville SSAA range on a Saturday, in addition to 8 shoots at Dairyville on a Sunday
  • Each shooting day will start with a coaching or practice session – see the program for details
  • there will be a “bring an acquaintance” day on 1 October to try target shooting

Keep an eye on your emails for any changes to the program. Don’t forget the Annual General Meeting and prizegiving on Wednesday 15th Feb at the Mylestom Hall, starting at 7pm

Field Rifle and Light Rimfire

Sunday 16th October

First up was the George Joannidis field rifle shoot.  The ground is still too muddy to shoot prone or sitting, so the match was modified to 10 rounds deliberate and 10 rounds rapid off the bench at 50m, followed by another 10+10 standing at 25m.  Only 5 were game enough to attempt this…

1st Derek B 337/400, 2nd Al N 275, 3rd Josh B and Ian J 212, 5th Vanessa S 134

Next was the R O Davies light rimfire match, round 4

1 Pat L 488/500, 2 Ian J 485,  3 Josh B and Al N both on 482, 4 David B 475, 5 Col Fitz 474 6 Derek B 468, 7 Shaun B465, 8 Vanessa S 459.

We have organised an inter-club shoot with Macksville Branch for Saturday 19th November at their Range, 17 Landy Way, off Scotts Head Road. This is on the right hand side about 9.5 Km from the turnoff at the highway, and about 45 minutes from Bellingen.

The range is open from Midday to 4.00pm so we will aim to meet there about 11.30am.

This is very much a social shoot, so bring your rimfire rifle and some ammo and meet some new people.

Range fees for the day are $15.

Our next shoot at Dairyville is on Sunday November 27th.

RO Davies and Ole Smokie

Sunday 11 September 2022

We had a good line up of shooters at the range this afternoon with some excellent scores produced.  The first match was the RO Davies light barrel rimfire, which was won by our newest junior shooter in only her second competitive shoot:

First Lainey 495/500, an outstanding effort

Equal second Olivia and Ian 494

Al 493, Darren 493 (an excellent score in his first competitive shoot), Josh 480, Pat 478, Tony 475, David 464, Calvin 463, Vanessa 462, Fitzy 462, Rodney 453, and Peter 429.

The second match was the Ole Smokie Shield, a conventional benchrest rimfire event.

Equal first Ian and Olivia 497

Third Lainey 496

Darren 493, Al 492, Pat 484, Fitzy 481, Josh 479, Vanessa 476, Tony 475, Calvin 473, David 471, Peter 450, and Luigi 442.

The next shoot is Sunday 16th October with the 4th round of the RO Davies light barrel, and the ever popular Field Rifle event.

RO Davies light barrel, and Field Rifle

Sunday 31 July 2022

We had a good rollup today when we shot the RO Davies light barrel shoot and the George Joannidis field rifle shoot.
For the RO Davies light barrel event:

Olivia 492/500

Ian 488

Al 482

Lainey 473 (junior – excellent result!)

Josh 468

Pat 468

Mystery no name shooter 466

Peter and Vanessa 463

Fitzy 461

Calvin 453

The field rifle was modified for muddy conditions, and involved deliberate, rapid and snap from 50m, then deliberate and rapid from 25m in the standing unsupported position.  Scores were respectable:
Ian 351/500, Olivia 307, Calvin 274, Peter 270, Al 246, Josh238
This was a lot of fun, and a great learning experience in quickly operating a bolt and ensuring serviceability of magazines.
Our next Shoot is on Sunday Sept 11th when we shoot the RO Davies light barrel round 3 and the Ole Smokie Shield Round 3.  Col and Josh are the ROs for the shoot.

Ole Smokey Round 2, Centrefire

Sunday 22 May 2022

Round 2 of the Ole Smokey rimfire benchrest:

Olivia and Fitzy on 494

Ian 492

Lainey 487 – a new junior member, first-ever competition shoot.  Spectacular!

Tony 478

Josh 470

Derek 467

Calvin 451

We also shot the centrefire event, being the best group at 100m and 200m.

At 100m:  Tony 20.05 mm, Derek 41.0mm, Josh 44.17mm

At 200m: Derek 56.45mm, Tony 65.68, Josh 77.48mm

Our next shoot is Sunday 31st July for the RO Davies light barrel, and field rifle so make sure you bring a nice light rifle and your gumboots.  RO’s are Tony and Derek.

Ladies and Juniors Comp, 2021 Prizes

Sunday 10/4/22

Glorious autumn weather!  The Ladies’ Competition was shot concurrently with the Junior Shield.


Olivia 486,  Kerry 481,  Shelly 476,  Vanessa 450,  Deanne 383


Riley 493,  Jarrod 464,  Osha 453

The Annual General Meeting was held on 17th February. 

Prizewinners for 2021 were:

Ole Smokey benchrest rimfire :  1st Ian J,  2nd Pat L,  3rd Derek B

RO Davies light barrel rimfire:  1st Josh B, with David S and Jason T equal second

Centrefire 200 metres:  1st Tony H,   2nd Derek B

Centrefire 100 metres: 1st Derek B,  2nd Tony H, 3rd Josh B

Gleniffer Shield unsupported rimfire:  1st Derek B,  2nd Pat L,  3rd Tony H

Ladies’ Comp:  1st Deanne T,  2nd Amalie L,  3rd Kerry J

Junior Shield:  1st Riley B,   2nd Amalie L,   3rd Teon J

George Joannidis Field Rifle:  1st Josh B,   2nd Ian J,  3rd Calvin P

Our next shoot is Sunday 23rd May, with the Ole Smokey benchrest followed by the 100m/200m centrefire.

Gleniffer Shield, Ole Smokey Shield

Sunday 30/1/22

Another nice day on the range.  First up was the Gleniffer Shield – 50 scoring shots off the elbows, no supports allowed.

1st Derek 454/500

2nd Olivia 405

3rd Pat 316

Fitzy 314

Tony 301

Ian 294

Josh 286

David 270

Calvin 236

Gordon 203

Next up the first round of the Ole Smokey Shield – 50 scoring shots from a benchrest, any rimfire rifle allowed.

1st Derek 492/500

2nd Olivia 491

Equal 3rd Tony 487, Ian 487

Bruce 480

Pat  470

Gordon  467

David 462

Fitzy 461

Bruce 443

Don’t forget the Annual General Meeting on Thursday 17th February, commencing at 7:00pm at the Mylestom Community Hall.

First shoot for 2022

Sunday 9th January 2022

It’s great to be back in 2022!  A hot & humid day but who cares.  We shot the RO Davies light barrel rimfire event over 50 metres first up:

  • Olivia B 488 in her first competitive shoot
  • Tony H 482
  • Pat L and Bill Y 478
  • Ian J 474
  • Calvin P, Josh B and Fitzy 466
  • Andy B 492 but disqualified for using his Dad’s heavy barrel rifle

The 100 metre centrefire results are the distance between the two widest shots of a total of 5 shots:

Derek B 34mm,  Ian J 39mm , Tony H 46mm,  Josh B 52mm

then the 200 metre centrefire, the distance between the 2 widest shots:

Tony  H 24mm, Ian J 60mm, Derek B 81mm, Josh B 103mm

I will let you know the date of the next shoot as soon as we receive the program from Coffs SSAA.

Sunday 28/11/21

As well as the competitions, today we welcomed 8 new shooters doing their Safe Shooting Course.  They all passed with flying colours!

Three competitions were shot today:

Junior Shield Round 2:

Riley 491

Jarrod 476

Ladies’ Competition Round 2:

Deanne 494

Vanessa 479

Ole Smokie Round 4:

Ian J 499

Pat L 492

Riley B 490

Douglas B 478

Josh B 478

The Christmas shoot, our final one for the year, is Sunday 19th December.  Come along for a BBQ lunch at midday, followed by a silhouette shoot and lucky door prizes!  Bellingen will be providing Range Officers for the morning session also, so feel free to come along early for some practice or zeroing.