R O Davies and Field Rifle 28 June

A perfect winter’s day on the range for the RO Davies and Field Rifle events.  With social distancing requirements we were able to utilise every second bench which suited the 9 competitors.

The results of today’s R O Davies Shield (light barrel) are:

1st  Ian 489
2nd Pat 488
3rd Aaron 483
4 David 475
5 Fitzy 473
6 Derek 465
7 Josh 463
8 Riley 458
9 Brett 454

The Field Rifle event, involving a total of 22 shots over 50 metres from the standing unsupported position:
1st Derek 108
2nd Ian 56
3rd Brett 51

Next Sunday 5th July we have the Dairyville Range from 12 Midday, which will be a practice day for sighting in or for people who would like to try shooting.  We can also do Firearm Safety courses or R licence courses if required on the day.
If you know someone who would like to try shooting this is the day to bring them along where they will be required to complete a P650 form and then be fully supervised by a licenced shooter or firearm instructor.

Range Re-opening

The Coffs Harbour Rifle Club will be re-opening the Dairyville range on Sunday 31st May. This is under the current Level 1 restrictions, so there can only be a maximum of 10 people on the range at any one time. These restrictions are expected to be eased in June, which will allow up to 50 people on the range but with social distancing maintained. This will limit the number of firers to about 10 at a time (every second bench). The Bellingen Rifle Club will hold our first shoot on Sunday 7th June – see the Program page for details.

AGM & Prizes for 2019


The AGM was held at the Mylestom Hall on Wednesday, and luckily the flyscreens worked because the Mylestom mosquitoes were there in their millions.

Brian, one of the Club’s founding members and Club President for the last 20 years, has decided to step down and spend more time away doing what he enjoys (ie shooting).  Derek was elected as new Club President, with Tony continuing as Secretary and Ian as Treasurer.

The prizes for 2019 were awarded, and here’s a run-down:

Gleniffer Shield (50m, no benchrests)

1 Derek B

2 Peter M

3 Tony H

Junior Comp (under 18’s)

1 Riley B

2 Bailey L

Ladies Comp

1 Kerry J

2 Deanne T

3 Carol S

Ole Smokey Shield (50m benchrest)

1 Derek B

2 Tony H

3 Ian J

RO Davis Shield (50m light barrel)

1 David S

2 Derek B

3 Ian J

50/100m rimfire and 100/200m centrefire


A rather wet day on the range today, but a very good roll-up for our first longer range events of the year.  First was rimfire at 50m and 100m, followed by centrefire at 100m and 200m.  The events were scored on the size of the smallest group at each range.  The Club also conducted Firearms Safety Courses for Amellie and Olivia, two ladies new to the sport of target shooting, and both passed with flying colours.

Rimfire at 50m and 100m:

Dave S 15mm, 81.07mm

Vanessa S 23.8mm (50m)

Bailey L 16.16mm, 52.92mm

Adam L 18.03mm, 61.65mm

Olivia B 16.19mm, 16.53mm

Derek B 5.22 mm, 12.43 mm

Pat L 18.13 mm (50m)

Aaron B 22.38 mm, 28.16 mm

Tony H 14.19 mm, 35.14 mm

Centrefire at 100m and 200m:

Tony H 35.58 mm (200m only, ‘cos he shot on the wrong target!)

Derek B 23.04 mm, 66.40 mm

Peter M 20.58 mm, 80.00 mm

Aaron B 37.19 mm, 96.45 mm

Ole Smokey Round 1 and Field Rifle

The first round of the Ole Smokey Shield was contested on Sunday 2nd Feb:

Derek 498/500
Riley 495 (not bad for a junior!)
Tony 490
Ian 487
Peter 485
Fitzy 481
David 471
The first round of the new Field Rifle event was shot in very hot conditions.  This match involves 22 shots at 25 metres from a standing unsupported position, with the first 12 shots being rapid fire (timed by Tony’s very dodgy stopwatch).
Derek 177/220
Ian 147
Peter 112
Riley 91
Fitzy 76

Don’t forget our Annual General Meeting and prizes at Mylestom Hall on Wednesday 19th Feb at 7:00pm.

The 2020 Program is up

The first shoot of 2020 was held on 12 Jan at Dairyville, which was a Handicap shoot at 50m but included an additional 5 shots at 100m to sort the wheat from the chaff. The 2020 program has been published, and includes a few new shoots: 100m/200m centrefire, 50m/100m rimfire, and a return of the Field Rifle (George Joannidis Shield). The next shoot is Sunday 2 Feb, see you there.

Ole Smokey Shield Round 4

A challenging day at the range today for the final round of the Ole Smokey Shield, with strong unpredictable winds.  Despite this there were some respectable scores, especially for junior members Riley and Teon shooting against the oldies:

Derek 496/500
Tony 493
Riley 489
Rodney 489
Jason 486
Ian 485
Fitzy 481
David B 480
David S 478
Teon 472
Deanne 464
Shaun 459
Vanessa 457

Don’t forget our General Meeting to be held at Mylestom Hall 7.00pm  on Wednesday 20th November, and our Christmas shoot on 24th November at the Dairyville Range. A fun day for all with some great prizes up for grabs.

RO Davies, Ladies Comp & Junior Comp

The RO Davies Shield was contested on 29th September with some respectable scores:

Ian   493/500

Adam 485

Col  475

David  476

Peter 473

Don 470

The Ladies’ Competition was tied between Kerry and Carol, both shooting 479/500.  Looks like a re-match will be needed.

The Junior Competition was won by Riley B with 496/500, followed by Bailey L on 485. Our next shoot is Sunday 3rd November at midday for Round 4 of the Ole Smokey Shield.

Ole Smokey Shield Round 3

Perfect weather at the range today for Round 3 of the Ole Smokey Shield.  It was great to also have two new juniors with us, both of whom look to be fine shots and will give the oldies a run for their money.  Today’s scores were:

Derek B 499/500
Adam L 494
Ian J  and  Tony H 492
Kerry J and Bailey L 482
Dave B 481

Our next shoot is Sunday 25th August, with Round 2 of the Ladies’ Comp and the Junior Shield.

Handicap shoot 30 June

Todays handicap results with  the new handicap are as follows

Deanne T 513 Handicap 10

Kerry J 506 Handicap 37

  Derek B  502 Handicap 0

Gordon C 501 Handicap 29

Murry C 501 Handicap 10

Col F 500 Handicap 30

Riley B 498 Handicap 17

Tony H 498 handicap  3

 Jason T 494 , Handicap 10

Ian J 494 , Handicap 15