R O Davies Light Barrel and Field Rifle 1 Aug 2021

We had a few shooters turn up today to brave the new covid rules.

R O Davies Light barrel shoot at 50 metres:

1 James R on 488/500 (well done James, in your first match with the Club!)

2 Ian J 481

3 Pat L 471

4 David B 467

5 Doug B 465

6 Shelly R 457

7 Calvin 452

The George Joannidis Field Rifle shoot was conducted in a slightly different format, more aligned to the SSAA Field Rifle Match with rapid fire at 25m, standing at 25m and kneeling/sitting at 25m.

1 Josh Bertram 246

2 Ian Johnston 220

3 Calvin 210

Our next shoot is on Sept 12th  Ole Smokie Round 3,  R O Davies Light Barrel Round 3