Ole Smokey and Centrefire

Another great autumn day on the range, this time for the Ole Smokey Shield Round 2:

1 Ian 495/500,  2 Derek 491, 3 Aaron 484,  4. Tony 483,   5.Peter 483,  6 Doug 470  7 Fitzy 452

This was followed by the Centrefire Match, with only 2 competitors.

At 100m, first was Derek with a 22.45mm group, second Tony with 59.3mm.

At 200m, Tony cleaned up with a nice group of 51.63mm, with Derek second at 78.43mm.

It was great to see two brand new shooters, James and Shelley successfully complete their Safe Shooting Course today also. Our next shoot is 1st August, with the R O Davies light barrel event followed by Field Rifle.