Ole Smokey, Gleniffer Shield, RO Davies and Centrefire

The first round of the RO Davies Shield (rimfire light barrel) was held on 10th Jan:

1 Josh on 489

2. David S 486

3. Adam L and Bruce T 485

Aaron B 484

Ian J 482

Pat L 480

Tony H 478

Shaun B 467

David B 462

Bill Y 445

Col F 427

This was followed by the Centrefire Shoot, measuring the distance between the 2 widest shots at 100 and 200 metres.
100 metres:  Tony H 25mm, Derek B 25mm,  Josh B 40mm

200 metres:  Tony H 11mm (impressive!)  Derek 23mm

A great day for target shooting – light breezes and sunshine.  What more could you want?

The first round of the Ole Smokey Shield on 31st Jan 2021 yielded some good scores:

Ian 495

Derek 494

Tony 486

Bruce 485 tied with David S 485

Pat 484

Josh 478

David B 476

Bill Y 456

Col F 452 tied with Shaun B 452

The Gleniffer Shield (unsupported, no bench rests or bags) scores are as follows:

Derek B 461

Pat L 386

Tony H 385

Ian J 321

Bruce T 278

Josh B 239

Col F 238