50/100m rimfire and 100/200m centrefire


A rather wet day on the range today, but a very good roll-up for our first longer range events of the year.  First was rimfire at 50m and 100m, followed by centrefire at 100m and 200m.  The events were scored on the size of the smallest group at each range.  The Club also conducted Firearms Safety Courses for Amellie and Olivia, two ladies new to the sport of target shooting, and both passed with flying colours.

Rimfire at 50m and 100m:

Dave S 15mm, 81.07mm

Vanessa S 23.8mm (50m)

Bailey L 16.16mm, 52.92mm

Adam L 18.03mm, 61.65mm

Olivia B 16.19mm, 16.53mm

Derek B 5.22 mm, 12.43 mm

Pat L 18.13 mm (50m)

Aaron B 22.38 mm, 28.16 mm

Tony H 14.19 mm, 35.14 mm

Centrefire at 100m and 200m:

Tony H 35.58 mm (200m only, ‘cos he shot on the wrong target!)

Derek B 23.04 mm, 66.40 mm

Peter M 20.58 mm, 80.00 mm

Aaron B 37.19 mm, 96.45 mm