Centrefire and Military Rifle

Sunday 21 May

Centrefire best group of 3 at 100m (Noting prior best from earlier round was 16.8mm

              Lainey 19.3mm

              Derek 29.6mm

              Bruno 38.0mm

              Penne 39.7mm

              Tony 47.6mm

              Liv 63.2mm

Centrefire best group of 3 at 200m: (Noting prior best from earlier round was 37.9)

              Bruno 32.0mm

              Derek 40.8mm

              Penne 50.6mm

              Tony 61.6mm

              Liv 89.1mm

              Lainey 90.1mm

Military Rifle open or iron sites, best group of 5 at 50 or 100m (measurements at 50m have been doubled)

Best group for each participant (multiple entries allowed)

              Alan C. 69.0mm

              Derek 81.4mm

              Lainey 114.5mm

              Tony 266mm

              Alan N. 320mm

Well done Lainey, Bruno & Alan! 

NEXT SHOOT:  Please note SATURDAY (not usual Sunday) 17th June at Macksville Range, 10am for practice and 11am for the only round of the Gleniffer Shield comp, which is any rimfire off the elbows at 50m (I.e no bench rest), so make the most of the practice beforehand!

The range officers for the day are Russell and Ian.  An email will be sent beforehand to remind you and give directions.