Ladies, Juniors and RO Davies

Sunday 4th February 2023

This year, before each shoot we’ll be conducting some coaching, teaching and practice before each competition.  For the first Club shoot of the year we started with some theory on the Principles of Marksmanship.  It was also great to see three new shooters trying out the sport on a P650 permit.

Junior Shield:  any rimfire rifle from a benchrest.  Lainey B 494/500, Paddy B 490,  Jarrod T 383.

Ladies’ Competition:  Olivia 497/500, Lainey 496, Kerry 484, Tracy 482, Deanne 434.

R O Davies light rimfire, using a rifle with a sporter or mid-weight barrel and a telescopic sight at 6x magnification.  Olivia 496/500, Pat  488, Fitzy 485, Al 482, Bruce 482, Paddy 481, Derek and Lainey both on 477, Ken 472, David 468, Calvin 456.

Our next Shoot is on Sunday 12th March, coaching from 12.00pm to 12.30pm then the Ole Smokie Shield and Centrefire 100m and 200m.
And don’t forget our AGM at Mylestom Hall on Feb 15th at 7.00pm