Ole Smokey Round 2, and Centrefire

Gusty and unpredictable winds made for a challenging but fun day on the range today.  The results of the second round of the Ole Smokey Shield are: 

Derek 493
Ian 490
Tony 486
Fitzy 476
Josh 465
Despite the wind we also shot the centrefire match.  The aim is to shoot the smallest 5-shot group at 100m and 200m.

Results at 100m:

Derek 25mm
Tony 44mm
Josh 53mm
Al 77mm
At 200m, new shooter Josh read the wind much better than the older fellas:

Josh 52mm
Tony 54mm
Derek 82mm

Next shoot is 27th September, with the RO Davies Shield (light barrel) and Gleniffer Shield (off the elbows, no supports allowed).  See you there!